The One With All The Hyperbole

Last weekend I booked and AirBnB in Big Bear. Last weekend was supposed to be the last weekend before a big product launch at work. Of course, the launch got pushed back, so the timing of the trip wasn’t as ideal as intended, but it was still a very lovely weekend full of chilly nights, crisp thin air, reading (I finally finished two books that is been in the middle of forever!), running, and snacking. Luckily, Big Bear is only a couple hours out of LA and I’m sure I’ll be back as soon as I can get there.

The air. There’s nothing better than fresh, piney mountain air.

I Fucking Hate My Cat →

I wish I had written this. This is everything I feel about Holiday, who woke me up at 4am because she was hunting an invisible bug and my dead asleep body was in her goddamn way.